I have worked with Craig Preston at Preston Presentations on many different projects and continue to be impressed by the level of professionalism and creativity provided, an expertise that has enabled us to be more successful in our training programs and in presenting more effectively on a variety of topics.

Nanette Sanders | Director of Operations, Pacific Region | Pediatrix, Obstetrix and Magella Medical Groups

presentation coaching

Whether you have been in an audience, or a customer looking at new products or services from your vendors, you remember the good presenters. The ones who were professional, who understood your business pain and who demonstrated expertise in their presentation to persuade you. Presentation coaching is vital to incorporating all aspects of a winning presentation!  

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presentation consulting

Along with design and coaching, presentation consulting can help both customers and other presentation designers maximize the return on their messaging. By utilizing 20+ years of sales & marketing experience, being in front of thousands of customers, as well as studying cognitive behavior and retention, Preston Presentations can help focus your message to achieve better results.  

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presentation design

There are plenty of advertising agencies, marketing firms, graphic designers & Powerpoint experts who could help make your presentation look better. However, we believe that presentation design is more than just a pretty picture, or as some like to call it “putting lipstick on a pig”. Design is NOT just about how your presentation looks…but how it works.  

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