The thing about Preston Presentations, is that we’ve probably experienced many of the same sales challenges you have over the years. Things like:

1) Sales – Cold Calls. Thousands of prospect/customer face-to-face meetings. CEO’s who barely have 5 minutes, nevertheless 30 minutes. CFO’s who want to talk ROI, Cost of Purchase, and Cost of Ownership. Managers who have specific business problems that need to be solved, while their staff needs features to perform their jobs more efficiently.

2) Marketing – Ineffective PowerPoint presentations created by your admin staff or, if you are really lucky, the low/no cost intern in an entry level job. Bullet points of features. Text ridden slides that your audience is done reading much faster than you can read it to them….and worst of all…PowerPoint presentations that don’t convert any leads to opportunities.

3) Training – Long and boring training sessions where employees could possibly walk out more confused than when they walked in!

4) Executive Presentations – Did you really just deliver that corporate presentation with clip art, the standard PowerPoint blue background with bullet points, text, and something that looks remedial at best? How do your employees, vendors, partners, stock holders, etc. view you now as their leader after THAT?

5) Conference or Keynote Presentations – Am I representing myself in the best possible way to gain the admiration and respect of my industry colleagues by using a typical PowerPoint background, boring bullet points, and endless amount of data that my audience will not remember?

6) Trial – Courtroom Presentations – Isn’t it really just about getting your jury and/or judge to retain the information you provided, and in doing so persuade them that your opinion is the correct one?

Founded in 2008, Preston Presentations began as a freelance business by a long time sales and marketing executive in the high tech industry. We focus on helping presenters refine and focus their messaging, while providing visual and structural assistance to help audiences retain information. In the world of sales, the difference between winning an order from a customer or not could easily be attributed to how much information your prospect retains. Subsequently, their ability able to forward that information on to purchasing and/or management may keep you out of a competitive bidding situation. While salespeople would prefer they present their solutions to management, we all know this isn’t always possible, so whether you have the CEO, Director, or a Manager, we want to provide you with the most effective tools to help you look more professional, present more powerfully, and be more persuasive. Anyone in your audience will understand the benefits you are bringing to them, and they will retain that information much better than just hearing it from your competition, or seeing a remedial PowerPoint.

For us, it is all about increasing the conversion rate – so you can win more often with the same number of opportunities, or even help increase your number of opportunities.


At Preston Presentations, our passion is simple and easy to understand. While we could get into a long mission statement that discusses how we want to help presenters be more effective at the point of presentation, our mantra really comes down to two (2) very simple words:


Whether it is being better by acting more professional, or being better in your sales process, better at providing the information your customer/prospect/jury/employees need to retain information, better at persuading people to give you an order, a verdict, etc….our goal is to be better at helping you become more successful in your professional career. That’s it. Now that IS simple.


Preston Presentations was founded by Craig Preston, a 20+ year sales and marketing executive who knew there had to be a more effective way to present material, instead of using the typical boring, bullet point and text, ineffective PowerPoint presentation. By clicking on the link, you can learn more about how Craig Preston can probably relate to some of your challenges.