Craig Preston

craig preston

Craig Preston
Founder/President – Preston Presentations

Craig Preston is a 23 year sales and marketing executive who grew up with the computer industry beginning in the mid 1980’s. As a degreed design engineer, Mr. Preston expanded his interest into the sales and marketing of emerging computer technologies, focusing on the engineering, architectural, and simulation world. After selling millions of dollars of merchandise, and giving thousands of presentations in front of customers, Mr. Preston knew there had to be a better way to finalize the solution selling process. Upon researching and studying the cognitive sciences, Mr. Preston learned there are techniques that would help presenters increase their conversion rates from leads to prospects, prospects to opportunities, and opportunities to more sales. This ultimately helps people increase revenue, profits, and on an individual basis – their own compensation.

Eventually, as Mr. Preston evolved through his professional career, whether he worked for large companies such as Intergraph Computer Systems and Autodesk, or smaller value added resellers (VARs), system integrators, or other computer resellers, he learned how to apply these techniques to a variety of different types of presentations. Whether in architecture, A/E/C, simulation, animation, special effects, video post production or other highly technical markets, Mr. Preston has learned the value in translating enormous amounts of data and feature sets into something easily understandable for users, buyers, and corporate executives.

As internet marketing became a more potent method for distributing a corporate message, Mr. Preston took advantage of the growing success with his own sales presentations, and began working with the marketing departments of the companies where he worked. He helped to refine and create custom email presentations, online presentations for web meetings/webinars, or even tradeshow corporate presentations, Craig applies techniques to create a more focused message, while structuring these various types of presentations for maximum retention.

Today, Craig Preston is a well known and respected Sales & Marketing Executive, Entrepreneur, and Presentation Consultant trying to save one bored/uninspired audience member at a time, by helping friends, family, colleagues, employees, attorneys, and customers present their message(s) more effectively and with greater success.


Craig Preston is based out of beautiful Orange County, CA