Marketing Presentations

Marketing presentations are a unique and often misused type of messaging. How many times have you seen a marketing presentation essentially attempt to sell a product, but you had to sort through 95 PowerPoint slides in order to get to the point?

…or as a salesperson, you’ve been given a marketing PowerPoint presentation created to express the message the company would love to deliver, yet you know that after 10 minutes of reading text on the screen, or going through bullet points on the history of your company, you’ve lost your prospect/customer before you even had them?

Frequently,  today’s marketing presentations are an afterthought, given to the newest intern, the administrative assistant who knows how to use clip art or some slide transitions or basic animations, or the low person on the marketing totem pole.  Because their time is worth less than their superiors, and people don’t believe PowerPoints can be effective, they just let them have a go at it.


Not only do your sales teams not appreciate it, but your prospects/customers don’t appreciate it either.

With our apologies to the aforementioned worker bees, we’d like to suggest doing something a bit different. Marketing presentations exist for a reason:

1) to engage the audience and entice them to want to find out more information, and
2) to increase credibility of the person/company/organization among those who are receiving this messaging, and
3) to get people EXCITED about a product/service/company.

Notice that last point. Did you see the word “EXCITED”? So why bore these people with useless information when you have the chance to do so much more? Excite them with a beautifully designed presentation. Excite them with powerful content that examines how they, the audience, will benefit. Excite them by being a credible and persuasive speaker.

In trying to build this excitement, we like this simple little equation:

Professional + Powerful + Persuasive = CONVERSIONS!

Converting leads from email campaigns with embedded marketing presentations, or webinar leads, or even website presentations to viable prospects – can all by done by delivering a professional, powerful, and persuasive marketing presentation that is more effective at that specific point of presentation.

By focusing on compelling content, in the correct sequence/structure,  and by leaving just that hint of mystery, we believe you can make much more effective marketing presentations.

Want to know how we do that?

Sorry, you will have to contact us and we will be happy to enlighten you (see how that works?)