Presentation Coaching

There are all types of public speaking and presentation coaching available from various types of businesses, but here at Preston Presentations we like to believe we can help 90% of the people become more effective presenters simply through refinement of your message and the structure of your presentation. Luckily, we have worked with some industries that are not exactly known for their overwhelming stage presence (let’s say – aerospace engineers aka rocket scientists?). However, because we’ve been there in front of thousands of customers, prospects, vendors, employers, staff, or business partners, we actually know what works and what does not.

So our presentation coaching is about maximizing effectiveness of your presentation, through refinement and focusing of your message, structuring it in a way that people will remember the content, and helping you persuade your audience to do what you’d like.  Our presentation coaching will help you build credibility, demonstrate your expertise, and be successful at achieving your goals.

Each custom designed PowerPoint presentation we create for you also includes 1 hour of coaching, as well as group and individual coaching/training seminars. We’ll be glad to create a presentation coaching program to help your team be more effective at the point of presentation – when you have the attention of the audience.

Please contact us today and let’s start the process of creating a presentation coaching program that will help be more effective by giving professional, powerful, and persuasive presentations!