Sales Presentations

Cold calling.

Trying to get a meeting with your prospect.

Digging deeper into business challenges of today to help your customers become more efficient, make better products, reduce expenses, and/or increase profits.

CXO staff with only 5 minutes to hear your pitch. CFO’s wanting to discuss ROI, Cost of Purchase, and Cost of Ownership.

The Purchasing Department hitting you hard for proposals and RFQ’s.

Odds are, with over 20 years of sales experience working with a variety of companies ranging from small firms to large Fortune 500 like Intergraph and Autodesk, we’ve been in front of thousands of prospects and customers, and can relate to the challenges you experience within your sales process. We understand virtually all aspects of sales, including: direct sales, channel sales, distribution sales, government sales, educational sales, and even OEM sales. We also are versed in sales methodologies such as Sandler, Hopkins, SPIN, or other solution/value based processes. We even recognize that there are many salespeople who have no formal training at all.

Yet those we assist all seem to come to us for the same reason: to have an edge with their sales presentations and win more orders. If you still utilize standard PowerPoint backgrounds, Times New Roman fonts, clipart, and bullet points, let us show you how you can become more professional, more powerful, and more persuasive in increasing your conversion rates – by simply altering how you currently think of, prepare for, and give your existing sales presentations. After all, who wouldn’t want to make more money by simply adjusting one simple parameter in your sales process?

Sales presentations have a variety of purposes, which can range from helping provide credibility to the salesperson presenting their solution, to providing compelling information to allow your prospects/customers to retain the information being shared with them. By giving your sales presentations a clean professional appearance, and structuring your message to align with your sales methodology (whichever one you utilize) while using special techniques to take advantage of certain cognitive behavior, we believe in not only saving the world from boring sales presentations one at a time, but actually helping you – the presenter – be more persuasive (successful) at the point of presentation, and ultimately, make more money.

Give us a call, send us an email, share with us one of your current presentations, and we’ll demonstrate how your sales presentations can be more effective. Whether you need to simply clean up an existing sales presentation, or design a new custom one, all our sales presentations come with coaching/mentoring to give you the confidence to give a winning solution to your audience.

We even assist other presentation designers, ad agencies, and consultants to assist in structuring sales presentations for their clients, because the one thing salespeople understand who have been there, in front of the client, is the ill feeling knowing that your presentation isn’t quite what you want, or need, it to be.