Trial Presentations

Trial presentations are a new area for Craig Preston and his team at Preston Presentations. However, as Craig had to serve on a 3 month long, data intensive jury himself, he is a proponent of helping attorneys utilize better presenting techniques to not only capture the attention of the audience/jury, but structuring the message in a way that assures them that when in deliberations, key information will be remembered. Retention of information is one of the largest areas of improvement that can help persuade a jury in your favor.

We understand that there are plenty of inexpensive PowerPoint “experts” out there helping in the legal presentation industry, but very few of them have 20+ years of experience persuading people to act in a desired manner, and even less have probably sat on that jury themselves, and saw what occurs during deliberations.

If you are an attorney/legal team that is looking for a positive edge in not only looking more professional (we understand how important image is to the legal profession), but being more powerful in your techniques to engage the audience, and more persuasive in your outcomes, send us an email or give us a call and we’d be glad to explore how we could help you become better, and subsequently, more effective presenters.